Thursday, January 31, 2013

February 2013 Goals

January is over.  Can you believe it?  That month flew by.  I still have so many things I need to do to make 2013 great...plan a vacation, plan a 60th birthday party for my dad, organize my finances...but I will get around to those later.  First, some fitness goals for February.  Not going to lie...I am a little ambitious this month.

1. Run 70 miles. 

I succesfully ran 66 (plus some change) in January, so it is time to up the goal to prepare for my upcoming half marathon.  I'm hoping the weather will warm up in February so I can run outside all the time.  Cold weather is not an excuse.

January Success with my Garmin

2. Do yoga or extra stretching for 60 minutes each week.

This is a repeat goal from January.  I did do yoga a total of 5 times last month, but I think I missed a week and it wasn't always 60 minutes.  So this month I'm going to keep closer track for fitting-it-all-in's "Flexible February" challenge. Stretching is going to be extra imporatant with the added miles.

3. Complete a plank a day 5 times a week.

Here is another February challenge-inspired goal hosted by ericadhouse. This is also to compliment runlikeagrl's "Abs By April" challenge that I began participating in (currently on week 2). Improving core strength will help with running and these challenges keep me motivated.

4. Complete 3 fitmixer workouts per week.

fitmixer boot camp sends workouts 5 days a week.  I have yet to complete 5 workouts in a week.  As you can see from the above goals, I have a lot of fitness interests (running, yoga, planking...wait is planking considered an interest?) and I don't want to completely burn myself out and have no social life.  But for February, I am requiring myself to do at least 3 fitmixer workouts per week because they are great strength training.  The good news is they count for stretching and planking a lot of times.

5. Eat 3 servings of vegetables a day.

This one is pretty simple.  I think I do this already, but sometimes it seems that all the snacks I take to work are fruit and the smoothies I make are all fruit.  To battle the fruit overload temptation I will count my daily veggies.

What are your February goals?  How many vegeatables do you eat a day?  Do you follow any online challenges?  Check out my challenge progress on twitter (@Julie13point1).

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