Monday, January 28, 2013

New Moves

Today I realized I'm getting more out of fitmixer boot camp than I first thought.  When the bootcamp started, I was following along with the daily workouts, trying the products, and sometimes tracking my calories on myfitnesspal.  Nothing seemed new or shocking to my body.  The workouts were a compilation of moves I was mostly familiar with (although it was nice not to have to plan a workout myself).  The products were good (although I'm not sold on supplements just yet).  And the calorie counting was enlightening (but this was not my first time).

All of my doubts changed today when I did the "Evolution" workout (Day 15).  The theory behind this workout targeted 4 different muscle groups.  Each muscle group had a set of 3-5 exercises.  The first set was always a simple form of the exercise (ie. wall sit).  Each additional set added on a variation to make the exercise a little harder (ie. keeps your heels off the ground or lift one leg up).  I was able to do these more advanced moves that I wouldn't have been able to dive right into by itself.

My favorite move of the night was the one-legged deadlift.  It was so challenging and I could feel my muscles burning.  It was amazing!  Plus it incorporated a lot of balance which I know is strengthening my joints/smaller muscles for running.

After realizing my body was being challenged, I thought of other things I've learned from fitmixer bootcamp.  I learned how to do the Running Man (yes, think 80s dance).  I probably look ridiculous when I try, but this move was a fun way to fit cardio into an at-home workout. I've also grown to love the fitmixer aminos.  I'm giving up soda this year and the extra energy supplements in the aminos gets me going in the morning when I'm dragging.  I also have learned a lot about balancing proteins, carbs, and fats.  I'm really focusing on increasing my protein intake so my body can recover and be more energized.

I wish I had moves like Will

Week 2 of boot camp was a big success.  I haven't seen a lot of physical results yet, but I've noticed my running is improving and I'm out of my exercise rut.  I've gone to work with sore calves, arms, glutes, it must be working!  What is a new move you have learned this month?

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