Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fitmixer Bootcamp Week 1

January 14 started the beginning of the Fitmixer boot camp that I won a spot in thanks to Running with Sass.  Fitmixer is sending me a personalized diet plan (1400 calories/day) and emailing me a daily workout (5 days a week).  Also, I get to try their great line of products - Sculpt, Skinny (both protein powders), and aminos (basically an energy/vitamin drink). I will periodically post my thoughts on the program.

My sister was still in town Monday, so I'm one day behind on workouts (we went rock climbing instead), but I was anxious to try all of the products I had received.  For an afternoon snack I tried the vanilla 'Sculpt' protein.  It had a slightly strange taste, so I want to experiment with the amount of water I added.  A few members said ice helps a lot or mixing in a few pieces of fruit.  It's been a hectic week, so I haven't tried it again.

My breakfast on Tuesday was a chocolate 'Skinny' protein shake.  This was tasty and kept me feeling more full than my normal breakfast.  The first workout was a fitness test.  I did 3 sets of the following.  Each exercise was how many reps in 1 minute or how long can you hold.  I torqued my knee a bit on the first set so I rested a good amount between sets and iced my knee when I was done.

1. Burpees - 18, 16, 18
2. Supermans - 30, 29, 30
3. Plyometic Lunges - 38, 42, 38
4. Tricep Push-ups - 24, 19, 19
5. Hover - 62s, 58s, 59s
6. Chest Push-ups - 21, 20, 18
7. Wall Sit - 60s, 60s, 57s
8. High Knee Runs (per leg) - 76, 74, 78
9. Jumping Jacks - 68, 67, 68
10. Side Hover Dips (per side) - 25, 25, 28

After this test, I knew where to focus my energy during this boot camp (arms and core!).

Wednesday I was sore...this is working! I actually did a lot better with the diet plan because I had time to go to the grocery store.  I ate lots of fruits (nectarines, clementines, grapes, banana), almonds, and whole grains.  I barely felt hungry.  I do know I need to add in more vegetables.  The workout was some isometric strength moves which I enjoyed.  I also fit in a 4 mile run with pickups to prepare for my 10k race this weekend.

Today was a tabata day.  We did 8 rounds of each exercise and by halfway through each round my body was screaming.  There were a total of 5 different exercise.  I was thankful this was over quickly.  My run today was quick too. 2.5 miles at 9:30 pace (that's my goal pace for Saturday).

I stil have some work to do during this 2 month boot camp.  Like they say, "Change is Uncomfortable" but it's worth it!  My race this Saturday is called the Resolution Run.  Perhaps after the race, I will finally get around to posting my 2013 resolutions. 
Upcoming 10k Goal: Finish under 60 mins.

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