About Me

I'm a 23 year old runner currently preparing for my fourth half marathon. I'm blogging for myself to keep track of my progress and struggles during training. I publish in hopes others will relate or at the very least the public posting will make me more accountable to my goals.

I live in Texas. I'm a Baylor Bear alumni. I love Blue Bell ice cream and country music. I try to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy foods. I'm very close with my large Polish family.

I'm not sure exactly what this blog will develop into, but I hope you stay around and find out. For now, I'm just running along.


  1. Hi Julie - My name is Caitlin Leonard from SELF magazine. You recently applied to our elite new club SELF Starters. I'm reaching out to let you know you have reached the second round of consideration!

    The form you submitted however, unfortunately lost your contact details in a technical glitch, so I am reaching out to you here in hopes I can get a hold of your email/contact info.

    Please email at SelfStarters@self.com with the best way to reach you.

    Caitlin Leonard
    Special Projects Manager, SELF

    1. Thanks for stopping by Caitlin. I've emailed you my contact information.

  2. Hi Julie,

    You are irreparably incompetent.

    Thanks and have a Wonderful day!