Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 and Dime 10k Race Recap

Saturday was the 5 and Dime Run in Garland, TX.  This race benefitted the Garland High School AVID program. It was a small local race – only 90 runners in the 10k, but I enjoy a smaller race atmosphere.  I was nervous going in because I wanted to beat my previous PR of 58:16 set in January.  The weather was threatening rain, but luckily it held off.

This was the first race in a while that Daniel did not run with me, but he drove me to the race and agreed to be an awesome spectator and take pictures of me.  I got to the race site to pick up my packet an hour before the race.  This was plenty of time…maybe too much time, but luckily we got to chill inside the convention center until the race began.  I did a 5 minute warm-up plus some strides outside as the race got closer.  I made sure to stretch really well.  The mantra in my head was 9:20, which would be the perfect pace to be right under 58 minutes.

Being silly before the race – trying to pose like a runner
Finally it was time to line up at the starting line.  Daniel and I had fun making bets on who we thought would win the race.  A few minutes later (after a 50 meter dash for the kids) we were off.

That’s me – waving to the camera.  Also now I’m wondering why this lady was dressed in a
fluffy jacket and earmuffs.  It was nearly 60 degrees outside and humid!
The first two miles of the course had some hills and the wind was in my face.  I pushed through by repeating my goal pace over and over in my head.  Midway through mile 3, the wind let up and the course was a little flatter.  I noticed runners around me started slowing down though (maybe tired from the hills).  I took a look at my Garmin and my pace was dropping too, but feeling good I picked it up and began passing people in front of me one by one.  I passed one guy, startling him.  He asked me, “where did you come from?”  He said he was going to pace with me, but that didn’t last very long.
I saw Daniel again at mile 3 and 4.  Seeing him always makes me smile.  Below is a picture.  I tried to hold up the number 4 to show what mile I was at. 

The last 2 miles were downhill since this was a repeat of the first two miles in reverse.  There were 2 girls in front of me that I was determined to pass before the finish and I eventually did.  The finish was a little crowded because the 5k participants were finishing in the same area.   I knew I was well under my goal of 58 minutes.  My official time came in at 55:34.  I demolished my previous PR!

I’ve learned to smile at the end of each race for the photographer. 
I was also excited about my finishing time.
Overall, I felt really strong in this race.  My endurance training has definitely been paying off.  In 2 short months, I improved my 10k time by almost 3 minutes!  That’s amazing!  This is the last event I’m competing in before my half marathon on April 14, but I feel ready.  This will be my first half that I will actually be able to run without having to run/walk.  It will be the most well trained I’ve been for that distance.  I can’t wait!
  I got a medal too! 2nd in the F 20-25 group.

Did anyone else race this weekend?


  1. Congrats on a GREAT race! I love that you're all smiles on the photos, that's the way it should be with running according to me :)

    1. Thanks girl! Gotta be having fun, otherwise you are doing it wrong!

  2. Wow a PR and an age group award. That is awesome! Congrats!