Friday, March 22, 2013

Am I A Morning Person?

I guess the answer to that question is yes.  I rarely snooze my alarm, and to me sleeping late means 9 AM.  This past week I have woken up at 5:45 am three mornings in a row to work out and let me tell you, it has been great!  I forgot how much I enjoy morning work outs.  During the winter, I typically work out in the afternoons since it is cold and dark in the mornings.  I call it my hibernation period.

The best part about morning work outs is that you’re done.  I can come home from work and plop my little booty on the couch all evening and not feel guilty because I already got my sweat in for the day.  (Working out a second time would just be overtraining.)  I also feel like, for me personally, there are so many less excuses in the morning.
So why the sudden shift to morning work outs?  First of all, spring has begun.  Thursday was officially the first day of spring; I hope you didn’t miss it.  It is still dark outside at 6 am, but it is getting warmer here in Texas.  Also, my half marathon is in less than a month which means I cannot be skipping workouts (although I kind of skipped today. shhhh…)  I did get in two good runs on Tuesday and Wednesday plus a yoga session for lots of stretching on Thursday.  I decided to rest today because I was exhausted and I have a 9.5 mile training run on schedule for tomorrow.

I know I’ve been slacking on updating this blog.  March has been a kind of free-for-all month.  I have been exploring new things, but I don’t have a concrete goal.  I have been swimming laps one night a week.  I do yoga once a week. I’m trying new recipes.  I’m reading new blogs.  Hopefully after my half marathon training is over, I’ll have better direction in my life besides getting in as many miles as possible before my half.
On Sunday I am leaving to go to Big Bend National Park with my boyfriend.  Wish me luck.  His style of camping is a little rougher than my style of camping.  I think we’ve managed to compromise.  I also will try to write an update about my trip to Oklahoma last weekend with pictures, since this post has none.  Enjoy your Friday night!

Are you a morning person?

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