Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trek or Treat 5k Race Recap

Happy Halloween!

Last weekend I ran a Halloween 5k.  It was a local race sponsored by Luke's Locker running store called Trek or Treat.  I signed up for this race for 2 reasons.  #1) It was right in my backyard. And #2) I've never done a Halloween themed race.

The race encouraged costumes and of course I wanted to run in a costume.  This was my first time running in a costume so I started searching amazon.  I wanted to keep it simple.  I settled on a Wonderwoman t-shirt with attached cape.  Here is what I looked like race morning.

When I signed up to do this race, I didn't realize that my biggest fan (aka boyfriend) would be basically immobile post-op.  I was kind of bummed he wouldn't be able to come.  This is the first race he wouldn't be at to race me, pace me, or cheer me on.  I would have invited my parents, but alas they were out of town too.  So off to the race I went solo (this is also my excuse for the lack of photos).

I got there a little early.  The weather was looking yucky and it was threatening to rain, but the temperature was a perfect 53 degrees.  After sitting in my car for a while, I went to warm-up.  I did a half mile warm-up and stretched.  Then I went to find the starting line.  There was a kids 1k race before the 5k.  I watched the little ones line up in their costumes....adorable!

Finally it was time to race.  When I looked back, it only seemed about 300 runners or so.  It was a very small race.  I enjoyed seeing everyone who made costumes.  Even some of the top 5 finishers had some fun Halloween gear on.

The race started on roads around the shopping center but quickly changed to a paved trail.  This was perfect for this size race.  There was one point we were on a sidewalk and I had to run in the grass to pass someone.  Other than that, there was plenty of  room.  The race path also crossed itself in 2 places, but for the size of the race, it was never an issue.

My goal pace was 8:30 and I was happy to see timers at the mile 1 and mile 2 markers. I had my handy Garmin 10 strapped to my arm and was happy to see I was keeping my pace.  As I neared the finish line, people started cheering for "Wonderwoman" which made me smile.

I stopped my Garmin as I crossed the finish line and it read 26:33, a new PR by 1 second.

When I looked on the results table, the time said 26:32, but when it was posted online, it said 26:37.  I'm going to go with my Garmin time on this race.  I'm happy with my performance because it gives me confidence that my last race wasn't a fluke and that I really can run that fast (of course both courses were very flat).  I stuck around for the awards after everyone finished.  I'm happy to announce that I got first in my age group (8th female overall).

Adorable Gold Medal

Overall I really enjoyed this race.  I like smaller races as long as they are done professionally.  I know when Luke's Locker sponsors a race it will be done right.  There was even a lot of post-race food: bottled water, apples, oranges, and bananas.  Plus at least 6 sponsor tents that were handing out candy and popcorn for the kids and pamphlets for the adults (plus a little candy).  Brooks sponsored the t-shirts.  They were awesome.

Have you ever run a Halloween race?  Did you wear a costume?  And one last Halloween picture, my pumpkin (the one on the right).


  1. Yay!! Congrats on your PR and for getting first place in your age division!! That's always an awesome feeling! I love your costume too!