Monday, May 13, 2013

Gratitude Jounal

For the past three weeks I've been taking part in the Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge.  Today, aside from the workout challenge, participants were assigned a journal assignment.  The task was to list 5 things you appreciate in life right now.  This was such a good topic, I had to share.

1. My supportive boyfriend - Just this weekend Daniel noticed some shoulder muscles bulging peeking out from under my tank top straps and he made sure to comment how he was impressed.  He is always there when I need him to remind me how far I've come in my running endurance, in my muscle tone, in my discipline, etc.  I love positive affirmations - I mean who doesn't - and compliments from him are the best.

2. My family - Most people don't know that I live with my parents.  It isn't because I can't afford my own place, but because I am very close with my family (and it is a great way to save money).  Plus my parents are pretty awesome.  All of my family is there for me whenever I need them.  Whether I need to talk, a place to sleep, or a ride, all of my family members would drop everything to help me.  Their support in all I do keeps me motivated.

3. My legs - Clearly the subject of this blog (aka kind of a big deal).  My legs take me everywhere I go in life and everywhere I run.  My passions would be completely different if I didn't have the ability to explore on my own two feet.  My legs carry me around work all day, outside in nature on hikes, and on the pavement when I run.  Who doesn't love their legs?

4. Warmer weather - Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.  I love being able to go outside in shorts and sandals and soak up the warm sunshine.  Sure, Texas flirts with the 100 degree mark for too many weeks out of the year, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I already dream of lazy Saturday afternoons spent laying out by the pool.

5. My co-workers - Sure this sounds cheesy and like I'm a workaholic or something.  But I do really enjoy my team at work.  Everyone is young and energetic, plus all of my team members are so smart.  They challenge me and I learn new things constantly.  They are the reason I like my job.  If I ever go to work for a whole week and don't learn anything new, it is probably time for a new position.

Those are my 5 things.  What do you appreciate right now?

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