Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Try the Tri?

It has been one week since my half and a I have a mild case of "post-race blues".  This is a real thing; many bloggers post about the emotions after a race and the new found free time (aka lack of a structured training plan). I was prepared for these feelings, and the evening after my race I was already looking for my next race online and talking to Daniel about...triathlons (what?!).

Yes, you heard that right - triathlon like swim/bike/run all in one event. I want to do another half marathon in November, but that is over 6 months away and it is too early to start training. And I know the summer heat in Texas is super taxing when I try to run (50 consecutive days over 100 degrees will probably be reality soon). So I started looking at fitness activities other than running that I already enjoy.  Remember when I mentioned my weekly swims? I really enjoy and look forward to my pool workouts and I've already seen my endurance increasing. I also used to bike weekly with my dad (about 10-12 miles every Sunday). Adding swimming and biking as cross training over the summer months won't be a big stretch for me.

A quick Google search helped me find a local sprint triathlon coming up on Labor Day weekend. It is called the Blackland Triathlon. It consists of a 300m pool swim, 15 mi bike, 3.1 mi run. A triathlon has been on my bucket list, but the idea of an open water swim has always scared me a little. I think this triathlon will be perfect for a beginner wanting to try out a new challenge.

For the past week, I've been reading triathlon books to learn about equipment required and suggested training plans.  These are the two books I got from the library.

It doesn't sound too tough if my only goal is to cross the finish line. I still need to decide how much money to invest -- whether or not I want to buy a road bike or use my mountain bike.  Both books came with 12 week training plans with structured workouts. I love when I can easily follow a schedule. I'm sure I will be browsing blogs for triathlon advice. If you've ever done a triathlon, please let me know what advice you would give a newbie.

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