Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Minute Triathlon Thoughts

I'm overdue for a blog update.  But let's not linger on my lack of dedication to writing blog posts.  The real important thing to talk about is how my first triathlon will be happening in 2 DAYS!!!  On Monday morning, I will be waking up to swim, bike, and run for the first time ever.  WOAH!

I am beginning to feel really nervous, but at the same time I feel ready.  I've done a lot of blog (and book) reading and feel like I know what to expect.  To cement this feeling of knowing what to expect, I attended a free Transition Clinic hosted by a local training company at the race site today.  TriNow Endurance had a coach come and show us how to set up your transition area and what to bring on race day.

When the feeling of nervousness starts creeping up, I have to remember to trust in my training.  Here is a little recap of the last 3 months.

This doesn't include the dozen or so spin classes I've attended either. I know I'm ready to complete my first sprint tri.  Hopefully the feelings of preparedness continue to trump my feelings of anxiety.

I can't wait to share a race recap with you guys.  Here is a list of some of the beginner triathlon resources I've found helpful.

Karena's Race Day Gear Checklist - ToneItUp

A First Triathlon View - Through Heather's Looking Glass

USAT Most Violated Rules

Triathlon Transitions - Tri-Newbies

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